Youth Confirmation

This two-year program, with classes once weekly during the school year, is taught by Pastor Gajdos and explores the Christian faith using two resources: the Holy Bible and the Catechism.

Luther's Small Catechism with ExplanationAt the beginning of the course students receive their very own copy of Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation, which outlines the Bible’s teachings about God and our relationship to Him and each other. Students are encouraged to use the space provided in this hard-cover edition to make notes as they learn, and to record their own questions and reflections. The Catechism is a valuable resource not only during these years of formal instruction, but throughout our lives as we walk with the Lord.

The focus of these classes is on establishing a firm foundation in the Christian faith, and deepening young people’s relationships with Jesus Christ and with His Church on earth.

More information can be received by contacting Pastor Gajdos. Students typically start in grade six or seven, but this is not set in stone.

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